Fosters Home Inspection Services

Professional Home Inspection Services You Can Depend On

All Fosters Home Inspections’ services are completed in accordance with the InterNACHI Standards of Practice (SOP). During your home inspection, we will walk through the safely accessible areas of the home to report on the condition of structural components, electrical systems, plumbing systems, HVAC systems, and safety.

Home Inspection Services Toolbox

Our Toolbox

The following tools will be used on an as-needed basis during the home inspection at no additional fee:

  • Thermal Imaging Camera: This camera uses infrared energy to display areas of heat loss and build up not visible to the naked eye, allowing us to diagnose improper insulation, moisture intrusion, hot spots, and more.
  • Spectoscope: This long, adjustable tool can be attached to a camera, allowing us to safely and easily inspect areas that would otherwise be out of reach.
  • Gas Leak Detector: A gas leak in the home can be a health and fire hazard, but this tool will tell us immediately if gas is present inside the building.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector: Carbon Monoxide exposure is fatal, but the invisible and odorless gas cannot be detected without this special piece of equipment.
  • Moisture Meter: This tool reads the level of moisture in the air around the home, giving us a good idea of where leaks or moisture intrusion may be present.
Buyer’s Home Inspection Services

Buyer’s Inspection

During a Buyer’s Inspection, we perform a thorough walk-through of the home and inform buyers about the home’s condition, repair needs, and operation. With this information, you can make wise decisions about investments and avoid getting stuck with many unexpected post-purchase repairs.

Pre-Listing Home Inspection Services

Pre-Listing Inspection

A Pre-Listing Inspection will give sellers the information they need to know before communicating with potential buyers about their home. We will find the defects that we recommend get repaired before listing and help the seller understand the home’s strengths and weaknesses.

New Construction Home Inspection Services

New Construction Inspection

A home should be move-in ready before the final walk-through with the builder, and a New Construction Inspection can help ensure that happens. During the inspection, we find oversights made during the building of a home so that they can be promptly addressed.

New Construction Phase Home Inspection Services

New Construction Phase Inspections

Having a newly built home inspected after each important phase helps the builder know that no defects are getting sealed away as the project continues. We will perform Phase Inspections for any phases requested, including:

  • Footing
  • Framing
  • Utilities
  • Final
11th Month Warranty Home Inspection Services

11th Month Warranty Inspection

Many newly constructed homes are sold with a year-long warranty that protects the new owner from having to pay to repair defects in construction. By having the home inspected for these defects during the 11th month, owners can get the most out of their warranty and know exactly what repairs to request before it is over.

Home Maintenance Home Inspection Services

Home Maintenance Inspection

During a Home Maintenance Inspection, we help homeowners identify and understand the maintenance issues that need to be addressed in the home. By staying one step ahead of these issues, owners can avoid them becoming larger and more expensive repair needs down the line.

4 Point Home Inspection Services

4 Point Inspection

The 4 Point Inspections helps ensure that defects are not present within the following important parts of the home before building continues:

  • Framing
  • Rough-In
  • Electrical
  • Final
Loan Draw Home Inspection Services

Loan Draw Inspection

During a Loan Draw Inspection, we write a report for your lender about the home’s construction or renovation, helping them understand if the project is moving along according to plan.

Re-Inspection Home Inspection Services


After a Buyer’s Inspection, a buyer and seller will come to an agreement about the repairs that should be made before closing. During a Re-Inspection, we ensure that these agreements were honored and that repairs were completed correctly.

Commercial Inspection Services

Commercial Building Inspection

We offer Commercial Building Inspections for those who are buying light commercial properties, such as offices and storefronts.

Personal Touch Home Inspection Services

Personal Touch Home Inspection

A Personal Touch Home Inspection is completely tailored to you and your unique concerns for the home. We will inspect any safety concerns you may have and confirm any issues that you think may be present. This walk-through is not a substitute for a full home inspection.