Benefits of an Inspection on a New Construction Home

Most people expect newly constructed homes to be perfectly built. After all, there has been no wear and tear and all the materials and appliances are new. New construction is a sizable investment, and you want to make sure you get the most for your money. Order an inspection on a new construction home to verify that everything was built correctly.

Your Builder May Miss Subcontractors’ Mistakes

Though you researched general contractors before selecting one to build your home, he or she will hire subcontractors to complete various phases of the build. Because of this, there are many variables that can affect the workmanship. One small mistake could get missed somewhere along the way, leading to big problems down the road. With so many different people working on various parts of the home at the same time, it is nearly impossible to monitor every detail.

Problems Can Lead to Safety Hazards

There are many things that can go wrong in new construction. Seemingly minor errors cause safety hazards in a home. Improper installation of wiring and appliances may pose a fire risk. Plumbing pipes that aren’t correctly connected can leak and cause mold growth and water damage. Have an inspection on your new home during various stages to make sure it will be safe once your family moves in.

A Code Compliance Inspection is the Bare Minimum

You may wonder why it’s a good idea to order an inspection on a new construction home when a municipal code inspector already granted the certificate of occupancy. Code inspections are limited to minimum standards and don’t include everything that a home inspection does. You need a full home inspection to get an idea of the home’s complete condition.

You’ll Benefit From an Inspection on a New Construction Home for Years

When you order an inspection on a new construction home, the builder is responsible for fixing mistakes before you move in. You’ll appreciate not having to pay for these repairs, especially if you decide to sell one day. When your buyer orders their own home inspection, you don’t want problems to surface that stem from the original construction. The buyer will likely negotiate for you to make repairs before finalizing the sale.

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