Spring is the best time to take care of the outdoor areas of your property. Homeowners don’t want to work outside during winter, so the exterior of their homes can be neglected. Complete these five outdoor home maintenance tasks this spring to take care of your home and improve curb appeal.

Outdoor Home Maintenance: Clean the Gutters

Winter storms fill the gutters with leaves, twigs, and dirt. This is a problem, especially when spring rainstorms hit. When water can’t flow through the gutters freely, it causes damage by seeping into the roofing or overflowing and puddling next to the foundation. Cleaning the gutters is an important step toward protecting your home from water damage.

Trim Branches

Gutters get clogged quickly when branches are hanging over the roof and leaves fall into them. If this is the case, you may need to clean your gutters multiple times during the spring season. To avoid this hassle, remove branches that are growing near the house and gutters. It may be possible to do this yourself with a ladder and tree pruners, but in some cases you’ll want to hire a tree specialist.

Pressure Wash Siding

The exterior of your house is likely to look worn and dingy after winter. Pressure wash your siding to help it look bright and fresh. While you have the pressure washer out, use it to clean your patio, walkways, driveway, and deck.

Outdoor Home Maintenance for the Entryway

The entryway is the focal point of the house, so make some effort to spruce it up. Painting the front door can change the look of the entire house. It’s popular to choose a bold color for the door, like red. Add some planters with brightly colored flowers that bloom all season on either side of the door or front steps. Replace your address numbers with new ones if yours have seen better days.

Add Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting has many benefits. It can improve your home security by deterring burglars, and it can make your property safer so you aren’t stumbling around in the dark. It also improves curb appeal at night. This spring, install outdoor lighting. Your options include motion-sensor lights installed to the sides of the house, solar stake lights along pathways and in garden beds, string lights hanging on the porch, a lantern on a post in the yard, and solar lights mounted to the fronts of the steps.

The above ideas will help your home look nice and function well. Use this spring season to complete these tasks that will benefit your home all year long.

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